Volunteer Spotlight: Libby Perkins

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Libby Perkins has been a beloved volunteer at The O’Connor House for three years. She is involved in every aspect of the ministry–from helping with fundraising events, to providing transportation, to even donating generously to the organization. Libby even recruited a group of her friends to volunteer at our 2020 Baby on the Way 5K event–something she plans on doing again this year!

When did you first start volunteering for The O’Connor House and what drew you to the ministry?

“I started volunteering in August of 2018. I was drawn to The O’Connor House because of its mission and [how] the organization is rooted in Christian values.  I was also drawn to these remarkable women who made the choice, and under some extremely difficult challenges, to bring these precious babies into the world.   The life skills that are taught are skills that any of us need to fulfill our dreams and to live independently. 

When I visited The O’Connor House for the first time my first impression was ‘this is not a house, this is a home and a family lives here’…..and to see a home full of babies just melts your heart.”

In what areas do you volunteer at The O’Connor House?

“Primarily, I provide transportation. I’ll drive the women and their children to daycare, take the mothers to their work or school – wherever they need to go.  I really enjoy driving as I get to spend time with the mothers and their babies.  It can be quiet time for [the] mom or we can visit and talk about our day ahead. The more time you spend with the The O’Connor House family, the more involved you want to become.

 I also enjoy helping with the spring and fall fundraisers.  This gives me an opportunity to work directly with the staff and other volunteers, and to work towards achieving the financial needs of The O’Connor House.

Libby (back center) with a group of volunteers at the 2020 Baby on the Way 5K

 Most recently volunteers have the opportunity to pray each month for one hour in the Chapel.  I love this quiet time to open my heart and focus my prayers on these amazing mothers, babies and the staff.”

What are your favorite parts about volunteering?

“Spending time with the mothers and their children is such a joy.  To see their strength and determination makes me want to be a better person and to stay strong in my faith… I see God’s work at The O’Connor House. 

The staff at The O’Connor House are amazing. They are so kind and supportive. They have such a giving spirit.  I hope in some small way I am helping the women achieve their goals and dreams for a successful future.”

Can you share a memorable experience you had when volunteering, or one particular moment that stands out to you?

“I love the moments when we celebrate a new arrival, graduation, new job, or a move to independent living–an important life event that has been achieved by a mother.  We all need to celebrate these important moments in our lives and it’s extra special when you know how hard these mothers have worked under difficult circumstances to achieve their goals.”

 Anything else you would like to share?

“I want to say thank you to the women and staff at The O’Connor House for giving me the opportunity to serve.  I am so grateful and blessed to be a part of this family.”


Our staff is beyond grateful for Libby and all the love she pours into our ministry.

“It is so visible that she is passionate for our ministry, she lights up when serving,” said Michelle Corrao, Executive Director. 

“I just think she has a true servant’s heart,” said Susan Barrett, House Director. “She is very consistent and is always willing to help out when we are in a bind.

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