Success Stories

For over 15 years, The O’Connor House has been helping single, pregnant, homeless women in crisis. We offer the immediate benefits of a safe and nurturing Christian home to live in, nutritious food, and clothing. But we offer much more than that, as our Key Services page shows.

When it comes to judging the “success” of The O’Connor House, It is difficult to know or measure the long-term positive impact the women and children receive. How can we fully measure the short and long-term benefits of proper prenatal medical care? How can we fully measure the short and long-term impact of receiving the support and encouragement that results in a high school diploma? How can we fully measure the short and long-term impact of learning proper, healthy, loving parenting skills?

The truth is, we will never know fully the total positive impact on those who have lived at The O’Connor House and have been shown love by many caring deeds. We cannot measure the comprehensive effect of all our services.

By God’s grace, we are transforming lives in many ways!


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we reflect on all we have to be grateful for at The O’Connor House this year, with recent resident, Madeline (Maddie), being one! Maddie, 23, has just transitioned from The O’Connor House after 9 months of living at the home with her baby. From continuing on her path of sobriety to navigating the new
Libby Perkins has been a beloved volunteer at The O’Connor House for three years. She is involved in every aspect of the ministry–from helping with fundraising events, to providing transportation, to even donating generously to the organization. Libby even recruited a group of her friends to volunteer at our 2020 Baby on the Way 5K event–something she plans on doing
Depending on who you may ask, The O’Connor House gets referred to as many different things: a women’s shelter, a homeless shelter, a maternity home, a group home, and everything in between. While our ministry does serve women in these different capacities, we consider ourselves a loving home that is also a structured program above all else. Part of that
“God does not call the qualified. He qualifies the called.”  The O’Connor House began as a simple vision: to help young women in crisis pregnancies. But what started as a grassroots ministry operating out of a 45-year-old fixer-upper, is today both a loving home and structured program that has served over 450 women and children. Its roots can be traced

April 26, 2021


Meet Mariah… “I was always the quiet one, and the responsible one,” shared Mariah when recently reflecting about her life growing up. She lived on the Eastside of Indianapolis with her mom and 5 sisters … “and several brothers.” Even though test taking was difficult for Mariah, she worked hard and graduated from Lawrence Central High School in 2016. Soon

April 26, 2021


Meet Dominique… Dominique was living happily with her mother and sisters in downtown Indianapolis. But after the loss of her mother when Dominique was six, she was moved to an unhealthy living environment. Over the years, Dominique struggled with her situation and the resulting anger issues. She became pregnant, dropped out of high school and moved out. Not sure where she

April 26, 2021


Meet Saibree… During her childhood, Saibree lived with her mother and half-brothers. She shared that “None of our fathers were around or interested in us. My mother didn’t like to stay in one place for very long, so we moved many times, from the Southern U.S. to the West Coast and finally to the Midwest. Never settling in a permanent

April 26, 2021


Meet Cecelia… This is a story of a mother named Cecelia. Cecelia was living in downtown Indianapolis and doing well. She had a full-time job, a place to live, and was providing a stable home as she single-handedly mothered her 2 daughters: 4 year old Ja’lynn and 1 year old Diamond. And then, as it sometimes does, life took a
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