Each week, many volunteers give their time to serve the women and children at The O’Connor House. Each volunteer plays a vital role in our mission to love and support young homeless pregnant women.  The support of a community of volunteers has enabled The O’Connor House to assist over 395 women, toddlers, and babies.

There are opportunities to volunteer as an individual or group. Volunteering can fit into your schedule either as a one-time or recurring service experience.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Providing transportation for the women,
  • Childcare
  • administration assistance
  • Sorting donated items
  • Planning and helping with fundraising events
  • Group service projects at the house.
  • We also have opportunities for your group to do an offsite service project or a fundraiser outside of the house. Just ask!

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Fill out the Volunteer Application
  • Read through the Volunteer Handbook
  • Attend a volunteer orientation session
  • Submit a background check*
  • Complete child safety protocol training**

*We will take a background check from another organization or there is a background check included with Safe and Sacred that we can use. If not, we will provide a link for you to take a minute to authorize us to run a background check.

**We require child safety protocol training for any volunteer that will be providing childcare or transportation for our residents. If you have taken Safe and Sacred at your parish within the last 3 years, we accept this. Otherwise, we will provide an online option or an in-person option.

Teen Volunteers

We have opportunities for teens who are 14 or older to babysit or sort donations at The O’Connor House. We also welcome our teen volunteers to do offsite drives and fundraisers outside of the house. If you are a teen interested in getting involved, email Joan Eicher at jeicher@theoconnorhouse.org for more information. Or, you may download and fill out the Teen Volunteer Application which requires a parent/guardian signature. Teens must attend a volunteer information session before babysitting. Also, teen volunteers must re-apply each school year.

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