Our History

The O’Connor House began as a simple vision to help young women in crisis pregnancies.

Colleen Dulac of Carmel, IN was in Washington D.C. on a trip to celebrate “March for Life.” She went to the basilica and heard a homily that john-cardinal-oconnoraffected her profoundly; and she asked God what He wanted her to do. She received a message that she should open a home for single mothers back in Indiana.

When she came back from her trip she was excited to start the mission and began telling people of her idea. Colleen’s friend, Kris Bussick, heard her passion for “the single mothers home” and Kris believed God called her also, to help her friend with the mission.

So together they began to pray and ask God to help them… and He did. God began to open doors for their mission and they researched the needs of the Hamilton County area and found there was not a home to help single pregnant women in the county and the surrounding area. They talked to hospitals & crisis pregnancy centers and found there was a desperate need to house women in crisis pregnancy and especially women who are over 18 who already have other children.

Colleen and Kris decided to establish a Board of Directors that worked together with the city of Carmel for zoning issues, and they located a temporary home where they could begin the ministry.

They decided to name the home “The O’Connor House” after John Cardinal O’Connor, a great defender of Life in New York City. They received a great deal of help from “Good Counsel Homes” in NYC, who advised Colleen and Kris on many issues surrounding the housing and care of the women.

In 2005 they had the first fundraiser for The O’Connor House at the Ritz Charles in Carmel, Indiana. And in the summer of 2005 the doors of The O’Connor House officially opened and the mission began at 929 Rohrer Rd, in Carmel, IN. This home allowed us to house up to 5 women at a time.

The_Oconnor_House_BabiesIn 2011 we moved into our larger home which has room for 8 mothers.

Over 350 women, toddlers, and babies have been served!

We have found through our research that the fastest growing homeless population in our country is single women and their children. Most homeless shelters today are overflowing with single women and their young children. Our hope and prayer at The O’Connor House is that we stand ready to assist women in need.

The O’Connor House serves pregnant unwed women over the age of 18 who are in a crisis pregnancy and need assistance in order to create a better life for themselves and their children. We also provide shelter and aid to the existing children of these women. One of our goals is to keep families together.