Our Program

Residents who go through our intake process and are accepted into The O’Connor House may stay for up to 18 months during the time of her pregnancy and after childbirth, if she continues to follow the rules, policies, and procedures while living at the home.

All residents of The O’Connor House must follow certain guidelines in order to ensure the safety, peace and harmony for all who are living at the home, as well as for the ongoing success of our services and programs.

Residency guidelines include, but are not limited to:

  • Follow guidelines & rules in the House Policy Manual (provided during the intake meeting)
  • Show respect to all residents, children and staff members at The O’Connor House
  • Attend educational programs
  • Share house responsibilities
  • Contribute financially: Residents who are employed will contribute 10% of their income to the O’Connor House and residents who are on social security or other welfare will contribute a percentage

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