Our Intake Process

Please note that The O’Connor House is not “an emergency shelter.” By saying this, we mean that we have an intake process that typically takes 7 days to determine if a woman is a good fit for living at The O’Connor House. This is because we offer more than just a physical shelter. We offer a life-skills program that helps women learn new ways of living that can improve their lives & the lives of their children.

After receiving a phone inquiry from a woman who needs help, the intake process will begin over the phone by asking her about the criteria listed above. If a woman does not meet the criteria for living at The O’Connor House, our staff members will try to suggest other resources that may be helpful.

If we have an opening for a new resident at the time of the call, the intake process will continue after the phone call by The House Director scheduling to meet with the potential resident to explain our policies and procedures, and get to know the potential resident. We also discuss whether or not the potential resident agrees to make a commitment to our Life Skills Program in order to make an effort to improve her life.

Again, please note that Intakes are conducted based on openings. And please note that the average time from the 1st intake meeting to moving in is about 7 days. For more information, please contact us at 844-9562.


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