Meet Saibree…

During her childhood, Saibree lived with her mother and half-brothers. She shared tSaibree Success Storyhat

“None of our fathers were around or interested in us. My mother didn’t like to stay in one place for very long, so we moved many times, from the Southern U.S. to the West Coast and finally to the Midwest. Never settling in a permanent home. I
learned to not get attached to people or places. My mother always said not to trust anyone, so I didn’t make any real friends. I grew up not knowing what was going to happen in my life from one day to the next.”

As she got older, Saibree felt that her mother didn’t want her around. And when she became pregnant, she said that she knew she couldn’t stay. “I turned to a shelter that provided short-term stays for homeless youth. I was 18 years old, pregnant, and homeless. I wanted to keep my baby, but I had no job, nowhere to go, and no idea how to cope.”

Then a volunteer at the shelter told her about The O’Connor House. Saibree said, “I was suspicious but, I met with a staff member there and found a safe and supportive home, and people I eventually learned to trust.”

Saibree moved to The O’Connor House in July, and her son was born in August. “I found STABILITY and security at The O’Connor House. The staff and volunteers gave me encouragement. For the first time, I had a calmness of mind that allowed me to dream of the life I wanted for the two of us.With the help of The O’Connor House staff, I realized that God has given me a good mind and a strong will, and I set out to find a job so I could begin supporting myself and my baby.”

Saibree began taking classes in the pharmacy technician program at Ivy Tech. “THANKS TO THE O’CONNOR HOUSE, I am discovering the gifts God has given me, and becoming a more loving and stable mother to my son.”