Meet Dominique…

Dominique was living happily with her mother and sisters in downtown Indianaimage002polis. But after the loss of her mother when Dominique was six, she was moved to an unhealthy living environment. Over the years, Dominique struggled with her situation and the resulting anger issues. She became pregnant, dropped out of high school and moved out. Not sure where she could go, she was guided to The O’Connor House through her high school counselor and moved in during the fall 2014.

Dominique recalls “before moving into The O’Connor House, I was lost.” Simage003he described her arrival by saying “it was like when you hit the refresh button on the computer…. and refresh.” While living at The O’Connor House, baby Jaycob was born. Dominique said that by watching the staff and the volunteers she has learned a lot about raising a baby. “Jaycob learns so much from everyone here too. I don’t want to think about what it would be like if we weren’t here.”

During her time at The O’Connor House, Dominique worked hard and with the love, guidance, and support of staff and volunteers she went back to school and graduated. “I am the first person in my family to receive my high school diploma.” Dominique has a job in the community and is working on getting her CNA certification. Dominique dreams of owning her own home someday.