Code of Confidentiality

Code of Confidentiality

Confidential information is any information which is obtained in the course of providing services. This includes information which identifies an individual or which might cause harm or damage to the client. Also included is information for which no consent to release information was given by the client. Whether the individual is or is not in the program is also considered confidential.

When inquiries from anyone are made for any type of information, the staff person will reply; “I cannot confirm or deny that any individual has sought or is seeking services with us.”

Because implicit and negative disclosures of information are prohibited, the above reply should be used whether or not the women are a resident of The O’Connor House.

Rules of Confidentiality

  1. No personal information should be shared with anyone outside of staff including other residents.
  2. There is to be no secret personal data record keeping.
  3. A resident can correct or amend a record of identifiable information about themselves.
  4. There can be no use of unique identifiers such as social security numbers unless required by a federal or state-funding source.
  5. Information specific to The O’Connor House residents cannot be provided to a third party such as a funding source unless the resident consents.
  6. Volunteers should not be discussing information that a resident share with them to another volunteer.
  7. Staff members should not engage in dual or multiple relationships with residents or former residents.
  8. The rules of confidentiality apply even to those who are making inquiry to residents about whom they have prior knowledge. If an outside party contacts TOCH regarding a current or past resident no should be provided and leadership should be made aware of the contact.
    1. Staff can take the contact information of the person inquiring.

Staff/Resident Principles of Confidentiality

  1. The resident is the primary source of information about themselves.
  2. The resident should fully understand the implications of sharing personal data including the ethical obligations of the advocate to respect privacy and protect confidentiality.
  3. The residents expressed written informed consent should be a prerequisite for transmitting or requesting information from third parties, such as another agency.

Statement of Confidentiality

I understand the goals and purposes of this program. I am familiar with the duties I am to perform.
I understand that all names and information regarding residents within the The O’Connor House organization are to be held in strictest of confidence.
I will not disclose any information regarding a resident to unauthorized sources or persons.
I understand that any breach of this agreement will result in my immediate dismissal.
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