Meet Cecelia…

This is a story of a mother named Cecelia.

Cecelia was living in downtown Indianapolis and doing well. She had a full-time job, a place to live, and was providing a stable home as she single-handedly mothered her 2 daughters: 4 year old Ja’lynn and 1 year old Diamond. And then, as it sometimes does, life took a turn.Ceceilia The Oconnor House

Diamond was born with a tumor that doctors later diagnosed as a rare form of cancer. For Diamond to survive, she would need 12 months of chemotherapy. Cecelia devastated by the diagnosis and overwhelmed at what lay ahead — fear for Diamond’s life, medical bills, caring for a sick child as well as 4 year old Ja’lynn—and doing it all alone. Struggles with the children’s father produced even greater stress. Then she received the news she was pregnant.

Cecelia arrived at The O’Connor House in the spring of 2014 seeking shelter and support. She was pregnant, homeless, and full of worry for Ja’lynn and Diamond. Desperate and alone, it seemed that adding a third child to her family would be impossible. Cecelia was heartbroken and not sure where to turn.

The O’Connor House ministry provided the hope and resources Cecelia needed to get back on her feet, and to assist her with a good plan for the future. During her stay, Cecelia was able to continue to care for Diamond as she recovered from chemotherapy treatments, while staff and volunteers helped care for Ja’lynn.

Cecelia was able to find a new job and save enough money to move into a home of her own. She welcomed the birth of her third daughter, Dynasty, with renewed hope and dreams for the future for her family.

“The O’Connor House enabled me to keep my third child by providing me with just about everything – The O’Connor House changed my life in tremendous ways and I will never forget them and the help they gave me when I had nowhere else to turn.”